The Struggles Of A Developing Nation Essay

The Struggles Of A Developing Nation Essay

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The struggles of a developing nation
Every nation has the same goal and pursuit, the pursuit of prosperity, security, and stability. If this pursuit is effective in all nations, each nation would achieve social, economic and political stability.Although some nations are closer to achieving this goal, others are unable to effectively apply public policy to produce a stable nation. Developing nations face many issues that developed countries don’t have to worry about.From structural issues within the government, to issues with feeding their citizens, some countries seem to be struggling with what appears to be basic survival issues while others are thriving. In comparison to developed countries, citizens of developing countries life expectancy are much lower due to lack of water, food and lack of advancement in medicine . Surprisingly, these things are not brought on by lack of resources but come from lack of the ability to manage resources efficiently. For a nation to fully develop economically and socially, they have to develop politically.Without a stable government, developing nations are prohibited from developing a stable economy, eliminating corruption within their country and exploitation by other nations.
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The innovative webster dictionary voices that developing countries are defined as poor agricultural countries that are seeking to become more advanced economically and socially.These countries are usually identified based by their Gross domestic product (GDP). By the classification approach, there are 150 developing nations implying over 5 million people in developing countries struggle to find food daily. The GDP measures the value of the economic activity within...

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...eign investors based on their rate of corruption. Along with Bankers, politicians, areas vulnerable to corruption include land administration and tax and revenues. (____). Ethiopia ranks 113 of 176 countries on the Corruption Perceptions Index of Transparency International. According to the Africa Progress Panel’s Africa Progress Report 2013, the continent is losing more through illicit financial outflows than it receives in aid and foreign direct investment. This country alone has lost close to 12 billion dollars since 2000 to corruption ( Global Financial Integrity). This form of corruption discourages political participation by the citizens, reduces the amount of aid any developing country receives and discourages international cooperation. In Order to make progress, reforms and policies need to be added to prevent money eliciting and develop tax reform.

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