The Struggle Of Indentured Servants Essays

The Struggle Of Indentured Servants Essays

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The Struggle of an Indentured Servant

The experiences that Richard Frethorne endured were in a lot of ways similar to those of James Revel. Both suffered from sickness and disease, lack of resources such as clothes and shelter, and most unfortunately limited access to food. The big distinction between these two, however, is that Frethorne was shipped to the New World on his own accord in hopes of a free and better life. While Revel was forcibly shipped as a felon, sent in punishment to serve his sentence in slavery.
Not much is known of Frethorne’s past, but it is safe to assume that he came from a poor background and was shipped to the New World in hopes of a more promising life. He writes to his parents about the profound amount of death beginning with the ship, stating that “they are half dead just; and we look every hour when two more should go” (331). This was only the beginning, as he explains that “I’m not a quarter so strong as I was in England…I have eaten more in one day at home than I have allowed me here for a week” (331). It seems as though his masters just did not have the resources to feed and substantially care for all of their servants, though they were reported to be “very godly folks” who loved him and would do anything for him (345). Life in Jamestown was particularly difficult for everyone, and the struggle was real for both the indentured servants as well as the colonists.
James Revel’s poem illustrates the struggles of slavery from a felon perspective, shipped to the New World as punishment and forced to live a term of servant hood for his crimes. While scholars are quick to argue the authenticity of the truth behind Revel’s poem, the struggles described have some resemblance to Frethorne’s le...

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...had made in his life. He refers to his past mistakes as ‘errata’ which is a term used for correcting printing mistakes. This suggests that he simply viewed his errors in life as easily replaced with the greater things he has gone on to do. He stressed the importance of hard work and that it would certainly lead to greatness and wealth. In part two, a seemingly older Franklin focuses his tone away from entertaining himself and his son. He goes on to explain a series of models and virtues that would lead to a happy and fulfilling life. Lastly in part three, a slightly older Franklin encourages people so stop thinking in self-interest and to join together to encourage social change.
Overall Franklin was such a monumental thinker in his time. He chose not to follow the herd of thinkers, but challenged the norm and encouraged others to do the same.

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