The Struggle For Women 's Equality During The 20th Century Essays

The Struggle For Women 's Equality During The 20th Century Essays

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History has changed over the course of time for women. For centuries women were perceived to be second class citizens and submissive. As time progressed women began to challenge the notion and slowly organized to achieve equality between men and women. The struggle for women’s equality during the 19th century started out terrible, but continues to improve over time. In order to understand the events that took place during the 20th century in the struggle for equality, we have to understand past events that shape the same dynamics. In the course of both centuries, includes changes in how women were represented economically, politically, and socially. Only after decades of intense political activity did women eventually win the right to vote
Throughout many decades women have been struggling to be equal to men, in the work force and political sphere. In fact, the 19th century was an age where women were characterized by gender inequalities. Women were excluded from taking part in public life, especially in areas pertaining to politics and professional occupations. Therefore, middle and upper class women often stayed home, caring for their children and running the household; women were expected to remain subservient to their fathers and husband. In Gretchen Ritter’s “The Constitution as Social Design,” she writes “before the 20th century women’s place in the political community was conceived of relationally. As wives, daughters, servants, and slaves, they were represented in public affairs through their husband, fathers, and masters. They had no independent civic status” (Ritter, 2-3). However, by the 1830’s and 40’s the social and political climate began to change when women activist questioned the subservience to men; and formed ra...

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...clusion under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and protection from employment discrimination […] and congress passing the ERA”(216). The equal pay and equal right act was a victory for women who fought for equality. Women and civil rights movements succeeded in opening door for those who were excluded . As a result, women have gai
Looking at the past history of the United States gives one the ability to understand how society has progressed in acknowledging women. Throughout history we can see the drastic changed that women have attained from social and political movements. The 20th century has greatly furthered the progress of women. Women are becoming more recognized and accept in the political sphere, workforce, etc. the changing relationships between women and men will continue to progress as long as the push for social and political reform continues.

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