Essay about Struggle for Children’s Rights

Essay about Struggle for Children’s Rights

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“I want a permanent divorce,” this is a saying of a 10-year-old wife - who was suffering from child marriage (Worth, “Voices Child Marriage Yemen”). Child marriage is a terrible scenario for children, especially for little girls. They are forced to marry, before they are mature enough due to social norms, traditions and their family members, whom they are depending on. According to statistics in 2013, in Bangladesh, the child marriage prevalence under the age of 18 is 66%. 240 among 100,000 child wives died, when they gave birth. In Niger, this figure rises to 75% and 339. In Chad, this figure is 68% and maternal mortality rate rises to 1100 (UNICEF State of the World’s Children 2013, Table 9: Children Protection, Council on Foreign Relations). Recently, “the isolation of child marriage as one of the greatest social evils has to be critically viewed” (Shanker, Nikhil, Aruna, “Child Marriage. Government NGOs”), which is happening around the world. There are many reasons for the struggle against child marriage. If Government does not enact the laws to prevent child marriage, it continues persisting the loss of children rights, severe health issue and socioeconomic issue.
Child marriage is breaking down the Child’s Rights and Human Rights. According to Child’s Rights, article 34, “every child has the right to be protected from all forms of sexual exploitation and abuse” (Berry, “Mine and Yours”). Children all are born have Human Rights and Child’s Rights. However, these rights are not followed by adults, who are taking care of children. Nujood, who was a Yemeni 10-year-old little girl, was forced to go home village by her father to be a bride of 30-year-old man (Worth, “Voices Child Marriage Yemen”). The little girl was bitten and ...

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...d and made sure to be distributed equally to all human beings, even though that human being is a small infant. Society has responsibility and society has authority, so society has to make changes to create a better world.

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