Essay on Structured Job Interview For An I O Psychologist

Essay on Structured Job Interview For An I O Psychologist

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Structured Job Interview for an I-O Psychologist

This is where we will create a structured job interview for an I-O Psychologist who works for a management consulting firm. Please note that contributions should be based off the Job Description Wiki from Week 2. Do not create a new page unless it provides supplemental material that supports the structured interview form created here (e.g., references and links to external web sites used as a basis for your contribution). Also, please be sure to provide an answer key and/or suggested answers for each interview question you add to the interview guide below. Don 't forget, we also need directions, general guidelines, do 's and don 'ts, etc, so still lots of stuff still to be added.

Instructions: These questions are to measure the knowledge, skill, ability and other characteristics of applicants being interviewed for an Industrial/ Organizational Psychologist position. These questions will be closed ended, and explicit in nature. Make sure each candidate gets a chance to answer every question on this list, if unsure about answer, ask applicant to further explain answer (e.g yes or no/single word answer).

Competency Area 1: Experience

Can you tell me about yourself?

When you get this question, keep the mind that the job interviewer is looking for information that relates to how well you are likely to perform on the job.

Do: I am a hard working person who has always been interesed in working as a psychologist.

Do not: I have four dogs, and I really like spending time with my friends.

What can you contribute to our company? (Applicant should show how different they are)

What does the term Industrial psychology mean to you? (Applicant should be able to be familiar with position ...

... middle of paper ...

...ek advice or suggestions from a peer, co-workers, supervisors etc.? Provide past examples. (Explains situation in detail.)

Where do you see yourself in the next few years with our company?( may seethemselves in a higher position etc.)

Do you have any importantdates coming up within the next 3 months in which you may need to take some PTO that we need to know about? (Applicant should say 'no ' to show his/her willingness to start work and be dependable)

Do you have any questions for us? (The applicant MUST ask a question, should not leave without asking at least one question)

Rating Scale

1- 1- Does not Answer Question

2- 2- Does not Answer Question Clearly

3- 3- Answers Question

4- 4- Answers Question in detail and provides few examples

5- 5- Answers question in detail and provides plenty of examples

Competency Area 1: Experience

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