The Structure Of The Typical American Family Essay

The Structure Of The Typical American Family Essay

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Research shows that the structure of the typical American family is evolving and transforming rapidly, creating a complex new kind of family structure (Angier, 2013). In essence, and as Angier (2013) continues to state “families are becoming more socially egalitarian.” To this effect, the current state of affairs points out the fact that racial, ethnical, cultural, religious, and social disparities no longer account for the barriers that inhibit the formation of families. In contrast, Angier (2013) states that blacks are marrying whites, atheists are marrying Baptists, and democrats are marrying republicans. In the recent past, the structure of the family has been reconstituted in the context of the promotion of equality as guaranteed under the constitution. In this regard, society has witnessed in great numbers, men marrying other men and women marrying other women. Of course certain quarters, mainly religion based on Judeo-Christian teachings are opposed to the restructuring of the family in the context of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender couples.
Nevertheless, it is unlikely that such opposition will prevent gay marriages, especially considering that according to Saad (2014), President Obama supports it. One key emerging trend among American families is one-parent families, especially in the context of single mothers. According to DeParle & Tavernise (2012), the number of single mothers has risen steadily over the past five decades. Although single mothers were traditionally common among America’s poor, currently, this trend has shifted largely into America’s middle-class. As DeParle & Tavernise (2012) continue to state, more than half of American births occur among unmarried women under the age of 30. Co...

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...lso be construed in the context of needs and wants; essentially the basic necessities of life. From this perspective, it is imperative to recognize the role of poverty as it pertains to the need by unmarried women to engage in sexual trades for the exchange of money. According to Ambert (2006), this trend and factor is common among young teen girls and young unmarried women who come from poor backgrounds. In this case they engage in sexual activities without taking care to observe proper precaution, which inadvertently increases their chances of becoming pregnant.
ii. Education
Another key factor that promotes the advent of single mothers is education or the lack of it. Considering the fact that in order to be able to succeed in today’s society education is a key requirement, it is impossible for women born into poor backgrounds to realize educational opportunities.

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