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When we begin to look at how corporation or organization our structured and how disciplinary action is handle we must first remember how organization are put together. The term organization actually has two different meanings. One part of the organization is concerned with the functional organization of the company, or the rules and regulation the other part of the organization or the institutional organization understands the need for these rules to be in place order to create a more open and social environment, so employees can thrive and complete goal orient task.
These two things are what make up the word organization. When one or the other organization structures is unbalanced this can cost the company time, and money. It can also lead to disorganization in the work place The main goal is to optimize performance, and provide a positive pleasant work environment for all employees(Becker, Jorg ,Kugeler, martin ,Rosemann ,Michal)..
However, when we think of how organizations create there disciplinary rules we must also remember the legal component required for each company to meet according to federal guidelines. Each employee hand book must include the equal opportunity act, the disability act and Employment Discrimination and Harassment act and fully explain the consequence if these laws are broken.
The federal government also requires all employers to explain such things as wages, Employment, Workers ' Compensation , vacation time and work schedules. As well as explain what is expect of each new employee and how these action will be handled if a problem is to arise in the work place. It also needs to explain not only the employee’s legal obligation when it comes to these laws but also the employer’s legal obligation to pro...

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... First the employee will be written up, if the behavior continues than the employee will be suspended for their day after this it will be termination.
Conflict can happen at any time in the work place learning how to appropriately manage conflict at work can not only help supervisor but the employees. Conflict manager meeting must be held in order for all employees to be able to deal with conflict resolution and these meetings are held regularly at Fletchers fair view health care center other things employee may or may not be terminated for will all depend upon the incident. All disciplinary action taken by the company will be handle in this order, unless of course it is a sever violation of the company policy. First the employee will be written up, if the behavior continues than the employee will be suspended for their day after this it will be termination.

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