Structural Support Systems, Respiratory Systems, Excretory Systems in Various Animal Species

Structural Support Systems, Respiratory Systems, Excretory Systems in Various Animal Species

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Millions of different species of life exist today on the planet Earth. Throughout all of the kingdoms of life, each individual organism has a few important qualities needed to do simple functions for living. For example, every species has a way of obtaining oxygen and energy, reproducing, removing waste, moving oxygen through the body, and supporting it’s structure. These few processes are done by every living thing. Even species as diverse as elephants, wasps and sundew plants all have the ability to function in those ways, but sometimes they have different structures to accomplish the same tasks. All in all, once one discovers how different walks of life survive in their own brilliant ways, life can be seen from a new perspective.
One imperative part of living is exchanging gases, like oxygen, because life could not exist without it. Elephants, along with many mammals, have openings that air can enter through and reach organs called lungs. Lungs are covered in specialized tissues that absorb the oxygen from the air and allow it to enter into the bloodstream to be carried to all parts of their bodies, and the other gases they do not use from the air can be released when they exhale. Unlike elephants, wasps have found a different way to exchange gas, and they do this by taking in air through small holes called spiracles. Spiracles connect to trachea tubes and the tracheole, which is a cell specialized to exchange gases with other cells. Once the oxygen reaches this part of the insect, it can dissolve and diffuse into the tracheole liquid to be moved through the body. Although both of these methods work well for the organisms, plants like the sundew have yet another different way to exchange gases. Sundews have small openings tha...

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