The Structural Strain Theory Of The Holocaust Essay

The Structural Strain Theory Of The Holocaust Essay

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This paper will consist of the explanation of the “Structural Strain Theory” of the Holocaust. The structural strain theory examines the social and culture structure. The Holocaust had a couple different cultures and social outlooks based on their ethnicity, or location they were from. The Holocaust had the separation of Jews, Polish, and the Nazis. With this separation it held different conditions and lifestyles for each particular group and the way they can properly function to do their own culture or social practices. This theory bases the deviances to the living conditions of each group on how much goods, supplies, and or shelter they have to achieve their goals.
The Holocaust was the time period when Adolf Hitler was in control of the territory of Germany and wanted the extinction of the Jews. The Holocaust was a very vigorous on the Jews because they were treated the worst and had the worst living conditions. The Holocaust derived the Jews of their wealth, and little bit of humanity that they held dear to themselves. Adolf Hitler established laws to make it basically illegal ...

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