Strong Correlation Between Marketing And Children 's Health Essay

Strong Correlation Between Marketing And Children 's Health Essay

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Strong Correlation between Marketing and Children’s Health
Roughly 700 billion dollars each year is directly influenced by children under the age of 12 in the United States (Media Education Foundation 1). That is equivalent to the entire economies combined of a 115 of the world’s poorest countries (Media Education Foundation 1). Because of the marketing power and influence that children in America have over the buying power in their homes, marketers and advertisers target these current and future consumers in an attempt to influence the money that they directly control (Media Education Foundation 1). Children often determine what product is purchased over another. They make the final decisions in many situations. Corporate marketers have studied the effects of nagging through the help of unknowing parents (Media Education Foundation 2). The parents were likely under the impression that the study was being done to help solve the nagging problem, when it was really done to make the nagging process more effective. Children are being marketed to all of the time. Marketing has integrated into schools, through media devices, and branding. Children today have been immersed in marketing and it influences their decisions. Because children have such powerful buying influence, advertising is detrimental to their health. There are several reasons why there is a strong correlation between marketing and the health of our youth, which include marketing makes unhealthy food options look like good choices, marketing pushes materiality in children, and marketing disclaimers are not geared towards children.
There is a strong correlation between marketing and a children’s health. Many of the unhealthy food options that both parents and children ma...

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Markets are breeding a generation of obese, mentally unstable, and consumerist buyers. They are showing children that they need “things” to be of value. They are growing the generation faster than ever before. They are marketing to toddlers and influencing the buying decisions for families without many of them even knowing about it. Marketers are teaching children how to effectively nag for things that are unhealthy for them. They are finding ways to integrates schools through promotions and monetary exchanges. They are rampant through television ads, movies, and other types of entertainment. They are taking advantage of a generation that uses multiple media devices at one time. Children are constantly being hit with advertisements and it is causing an unhealthy generation of future citizens that don’t eat well and who have to have possessions to know their worth.

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