Strong Communcation in Leadership Essay

Strong Communcation in Leadership Essay

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Successful leaders today have no choice but to be strong communicators. The current workforce is ever-changing, it is becoming more diverse and the avenues for communication and information are increasing. The days of writing a memo or making a call on a rotary phone are long gone, thanks to technology and the information age we now live in a society where communication is instant and constant. With all the new avenues to communicate, leaders must focus more closely on the three step communication process and the cause and effects of communication barriers. Most leaders work with very diverse teams so it’s crucial that they know how to effectively communicate to all members.
The 21st century has brought us new tech savvy methods for communicating, but with it also comes new challenges for leaders. Today’s workforce is a melting pot of cultures, backgrounds and experiences, these common workplace differences pose a challenge for leaders trying to communicate. Leaders must first recognize how they are accustomed to communicating and address how their generation may play a role in how they deliver their message and how the generation of the recipient may receive and translate the message. Each generation has learned different ways to communicate and by default people are more comfortable using the current methods they are taught. It is easier for generations who grow older to adapt to the new ways of communication than it is teaching younger generations the old fashioned ways.
Leaders are a product of their generation and the way they communicate is a solid representation of this. Do all Baby Boomers (1946-1964) love to communicate via one on one meeting, letters and memos, probably not, but most would rather communicate on a more...

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...s stage I really focused on the content of my writing and found that there were a few unnecessary sentences along with some ideas that I needed to elaborate on. Once I made corrections to the content of my paper which included some restructuring, deletion and addition of information I began to focus on the polishing steps of the process (Miller-Cochran & Rodrigo, 2009).
For the final editing portion of the process I took the time to carefully read though the paper in its entirety. I first went through and focused on spelling, punctuation, grammar and citations. I then went back through a second time, this time reading aloud checking on the fluidity of my writing. Upon final proofreading review of my paper and after making required adjustments I finalized the process by ensuring the paper was presented in the mandated formatted and included all required information.

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