The Strong Character of Rukmani in "Nectar in a Sieve" Essay

The Strong Character of Rukmani in "Nectar in a Sieve" Essay

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Nectar in a Sieve by Kamala Markandaya tells the story of Rukmani—affectionately known as Ruku—her family and village. Throughout the novel, Rukmani faces a lot of adversity. She demonstrated her true character each time she overcame one of her problems. Whether it was showing compassion to those less fortunate than her, persevering for the sake of herself and family, or adapting to a new livelihood, Ruku overcomes all of the difficulty. Rukmani exhibits her true character of compassion, perseverance, and adaptability to changing circumstances each time problems faced her.
One characteristic of Rukmani that she demonstrated for the duration on Nectar in a Sieve is that she is a compassionate person. She frequently acted out of her compassion with many characters. Rukmani even exercised her compassion to Kunthi. Ruku did this during a period of hardship and famine in her village. “Poor thing, I [Rukmani] thought. She [Kunthi] has suffered. I looked at her pityingly.” (K. Markandaya, 80). After looking and listening to Kunthi’s situation, Rukmani, out of compassion, gave Kunthi (who was not one of Ruku’s favorite people) a little meal. Rukmani also is compassionate to Old Granny. Before Old Granny had died, she gave Rukmani a rupee for her infant grandson, Sacrabani. When Old Granny died however, Rukmani felt especially bad because she learned that Old Granny had given her her last rupee. Even though Old Granny had passed and nothing could have been done, Rukmani still wished she could have done something out of her compassion. She thought that if Old Granny would have kept the rupee it “might have fed her for several days.” (K. Markandaya, 121). One of the most prevalent examples of Rukmani’s compassion was shown to Puli. Ruku t...

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...e.” (K. Markandaya, 98). Rukmani unwillingly adapted to Ira’s decision to be a prostitute and her disobedience in the end. Rukmani adapted to many of the hard changes life put before her.
Rukmani is ultimately a very strong character throughout this novel. She demonstrates her character in the way she overcomes all of her problems. Rukmani was compassionate to those who had never shown compassion to her. She persevered through monsoons, poverty, and famine. She furthermore adapted to all of the changing circumstances she had to undergo in her life. Overall, Rukmani exhibits her outstanding characteristics of compassion, perseverance, and acceptance and adaptability to change vividly for the entire course of Nectar in a Sieve. There is no doubt that Rukmani is one of the novels truly inspiring characters who displays great character even in the face of adversity.

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