The Strike Of Chicago Teachers Strike Essay example

The Strike Of Chicago Teachers Strike Essay example

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At the beginning of school days in September 2015, teachers in Seattle public schools went on strike. It is the second time that teachers went on strike in the U.S. in recent years since 2012, when Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) was negotiating for a new contract that improves teachers’ salary, and evaluates teachers’ performance fairly. CTU has reached an agreement after a long negotiation period with the city. The pattern and goal of the Seattle teachers strike matched perfectly with what had happened in Chicago. Teachers in Seattle also went on strike because they were not satisfied with their contract.
Teachers’ strikes seems to occur whenever satisfactions were not met in the contract. Whether it happened in recent times or many years ago, salary improvement has always been the number one issue. The conflicts of the benefit often results in bad consequences. Teachers were sent to jail in the old days, when they were not allowed to go on strike. Nowadays, teachers get more social justice. They can negotiate with collective bargaining and even go on strike without being sent into jail. But it seems that it is not appropriate for teachers to go on strike in the first place. Although teachers got what they want, they still give the way to the negotiation. And the strike made no difference to the education reform. In Chicago teachers strike, the union got some significant goals, but the Mayor Emanuel’s policy to the school still no change.
National education reform has recently been suggested to the public. Teachers were struggling themselves and so were the students. It seems that the bad effects of the strike usually overshadows the benefit they get from the negotiation outcomes. As one of the end result, schools lost a small p...

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...ent the most employees and have ability to negotiation, they can strive for the interest effectively. They have the power to transform the union, and proceed the reform without militant action and legal struggles.
(The Chicago Teachers ' Strike and Beyond, 2013)
However the strategy in the real practice was failed. They still cannot implement it well. They were trying to find a better leader to organize a more bargaining power’s representation group. They were going to struggle democracy and militancy alone, so that it was lacking of communication with other working class.

Lessons from the local union struggles
From the two most recent strikes, we have learned that no public interest were gained through these events. Despite the union having full supports from teachers, students, and parents, their collective bargaining still not working on the education reform.

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