Stressors Are Common Among The Helping Professions Essay example

Stressors Are Common Among The Helping Professions Essay example

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Stressors are common among the helping professions, especially in the crisis setting (James & Gilliland, 2013). Many helping professionals in the crisis setting deal with erratic hours, extremely low pay, immediate deadlines, sporadic clients, and repeat callers. In addition to these many stressors, crisis workers are put into dangerous and traumatic situations. Thus, making terms like burnout, vicarious traumatization, and compassion fatigue common among these workers.
Given the intimate nature of counseling, many helping professionals are highly prone to burnout (Gutierrez & Mullen, 2016; James & Gilliland, 2013; Leiter & Maslach, 2005). Burnout progressed from the concept of psychiatric patients who were burned out physically, psychologically, and spiritually to the point of fatigue and tiredness. The word burnout did not become a term until the 1970s. Essentially, it was termed by a man named Herbert Freudenberger to label his volunteer workers who started to appear and act worse than many of their own clients. However, there is no specific definition for the word burnout. As such, people will define the term burnout differently. One broad definition depicts burnout as a when an individual’s energy has depleted into a state exhaustion. It is complemented by an array of symptoms, which includes helplessness, negative attitudes towards self and others, negative behaviors, and physical depletion. Burnout represents a breaking point which the capability to manage and cope with stress is severely hindered. Consequently, helping professionals often have trouble performing their duties when experiencing burnout. Thus, it is important for helping professionals to find coping strategies to deal with these stressor...

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...t and resolve their problems with no judgment. Furthermore, workers should increase their self-care to prevent or decrease from any work-related issues. If an institution cannot provide a burnout-proof setting, it is imperative for the work to set their boundaries, such as leaving their work at work instead of bringing it home.
To sum, there are various causes to burnout, vicarious traumatization, and compassion fatigue, such as work-related issues and indirect exposure to trauma. Most of these causes stem from over involvement with work and clients. Furthermore, there are many intervention strategies to prevent such issues, but most importantly, counselors must practice self-care. Counselors and other helping professionals have to set boundaries for his or herself. They must keep their work at the workplace instead of bringing it home with them.

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