Stressful Scenarios in the Social Work Field

Stressful Scenarios in the Social Work Field

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When it comes to working in the social work field I know and understand that there will be many amazing opportunities for me but I also understand that I won’t be able to help every person that does come to me for help. When a person comes for help whether it is voluntary or involuntary, the helper tries to do whatever they can to help them. I am sure many social workers will say that it’s a wonderful feeling knowing that the helped just one person and I can’t wait to feel the feeling myself but I think about what if I can’t be as effective to the next person as I was to the other one and that does weigh on my mind because then I worry if I said the wrong things to the client or if I used the proper skills to help this client.

One of the things I have learned in my courses is that a helper or social worker can’t help everyone that they encounter. It would be a wonderful thing to do but it doesn’t always work out that way. I know that wanting to help people is important but I also know that it’s important for the client to do their part when it comes to helping and if the client doesn’t want help then I have to accept that and hope that they will want help one day but I also can’t let it stop me from moving onto the next hopeful person who needs help.

Another thing that I worry about is the fact that two people can come to me with the same problem but they might require different solutions. For example, I have two clients who are addicted to illegal substances and for one client we resolve that he or she should go to rehab well that might not work for the next client because they might have already been to rehab and had an unsuccessful time with it and wants to know if there are other options. This part for me relates back to my excitement about working with different types of people as a social worker because it is interesting but it could also be stressful when it comes to coming up with different solutions for clients with the same issue.

I also worry about getting to emotionally involved when it comes to clients. I describe myself as a caring and sympathetic person and I know those traits are important in the field I am going to be in but I also know that having these traits can be something for my clients to use against me.

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There are some people who see caring and sympathetic as weaknesses and they use it to their advantage and I worry if some clients will try to use those traits against me. I know that I can’t just be a cold rock when I go to talk to clients but I also know that I can let them manipulate me if they are really serious about getting help because manipulation is not always a good thing.

I believe that a lot of social workers do worry about burnout when it comes to their profession. I also believe that anyone who is involve in a profession that involves helping (teacher, doctor, nurse, social worker) can wonder and worry about burnout because there are so many things that could cause it. There are teachers who get burnout even though they love teaching their kids. I remember watching a TV show where a lifeguard got burned out from her job. To be honest I believe that burnout can be a part of any job including stay at home mothers and wives.

I hope that that I don’t experience burnout and that the things I worry will stress me out won’t but a person can’t predict what they encounter especially in the social work field but I believe with the tools I am gaining and skills that I learning will be beneficial to me if I do encounter these stressful scenarios listed above. I also know that there is nothing wrong with asking for help or having a strong support at home when it comes to dealing with clients.

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