Stress is Extremely Harsh on The Human Body Essay

Stress is Extremely Harsh on The Human Body Essay

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The enormous amount of stress that today’s teens are under is unhealthy and detrimental to their health. Stressed out: Teens and Adults Respond Differently said it well, “Stress can be compared with the pressure that a sculptor places on a piece of marble: the right pressure and it becomes a masterpiece, but too much pressure and the marble breaks into pieces.” While some stress can be a good thing, an excessive amount has adverse effects on a person’s wellbeing. These consequences can last for a lifetime. Today, teens can be seen crumbling under the strain of the exorbitant amount of stress they are under. This has contributed to 18% of Americans being diagnosed with anxiety disorder which are caused by an amount of stress which is too large for them to cope with. Stated plainly, teens are too stressed for their own good. Stress is tearing teenagers apart and this is a problem that needs to stop. The effect of an overabundance of stress in teenagers’ lives can be explored through three main aspects: how stress affects the body, how stress affects the brain, and how stress can be identified in teens’ lives.
Stress is extremely harsh on the human body. Its can leave many body systems in shambles and struggling to keep up with every day demands. According to Stress among Adolescents, “Stress hammers the major functions of the body.” As stated by Stressed out: Teens and Adults Respond Differently, “Too much stress can produce serious damage to the heart, vascular system, immune system, and changes in areas of the brain.” According to Physical Effects of Long Term Stress, habitual stress can lead to a permanent rise in blood pressure. Stress significantly subdues the immune system resulting in greater illness and longer recovery tim...

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...he Effects of Anxiety on Adolescents, “Anxiety could be related to academic performance.”
The effect of an overabundance of tress in teenager’s lives can be explored through three main aspects which are how stress affects the body, how stress affects the brain, and how stress can be identified in teens’ lives. As stated in Stressed out: Teens and Adults Respond Differently, “Stress can be compared with the pressure a sculptor puts on marble: the right amount and it becomes a master piece, must too much pressure and the marble breaks into pieces.” By pin pointing how stress affects the body, how stress affects the mind, and identifying stress in teens’ lives, it can be concluded that the heath of teens is at risk. The tremendous amount of stress is having long lasting negative effects on teens’ lives and wellbeing. Stress can be dangerous and needs to be addressed.

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