Stress Is Defined By Mark Krause Essay

Stress Is Defined By Mark Krause Essay

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Stress is defined by Mark Krause (Krause & Corts, 2012) as, “a psychological and physiological reaction that occurs when perceived demands exceed existing resources to meet those demands.” This refers to stressors, any event that happens to us can be stressors, but so can our response to the events. There is stress that is more of a one-time event called acute stress which would be like giving a speech in front of the class. Then there is also chronic stress which results from continual exposure to situations that lead to the release of stress hormones. Chronic stress can result in wear and tear on your mind and body. An example of chronic stress events would be financial problems and constant response to these events would have an effect on the immune system. This is the system that protects the body from foreign substances, cells, and tissues by producing the immune response. The body responds to stimulus such as physical, mental, or emotional tension by releasing stress hormones that increase blood pressure, heart rate, and raises blood sugar levels. These changes help a person act with an increase in strength and speed to escape a perceived threat. This brings me to my topic of stress and how it affects the body’s immune system.
Psychological Stress also plays a big role in the body’s defense against cancer. According to (Call & Post, 2015), “Cancer occurs when the human body is depleted of adrenaline and oxygen due to stress this leads to a breakdown of cells causing mutation.” Some of these cancer triggering stresses include repressed emotional pain, isolation, poor sleep, emotional trauma, and external life stress. A combination of some psychological as well as physiological stresses can contribute to the development of ca...

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... your stress from affecting your immune system. You can cope with these events by using physical activity and a healthy diet. This will play a key role in decreasing and preventing the effects of stress. Any form of physical activity can help get rid of stress and burn away tension. Exercise releases endorphins that boost your mood and make you feel good, and it can also serve as a valuable distraction to your daily worries. This healthy lifestyle will also improve your immune system.
In conclusion, psychological stress is very harmful to the immune system and can have a plethora of effects throughout the body some can even prove to be deadly. Stress is part of the everyday life of a human being so we can’t avoid it. We just have to learn to cope with it this is extremely important for a person’s health because stress reduces the effectiveness of the immune system.

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