Stress Induced Eating Essay

Stress Induced Eating Essay

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Stress Induced Eating
Constantly in daily life stress appears. Living in a very fast paced environment where everything is needed or wanted in an instant. Between having a family, going to school, and working a job or jobs there are many things in life that can cause a person to be stressed. In a world where you have to multitask constantly to keep up, stress is a given. With all of that our body has to deal with on a regular basis, overwhelming stress is not a good thing to have. Now people deal with stress in many different way, but most of us like to eat when we are stressed, regardless of what we are stressed about. Our body deals with stress in many ways which include, releasing certain hormones which either increase or decrease our appetites and it can also causes us to be addicted to food by activating our reward system. Now when our hormones or reward systems are activated our bodies tend to look for food to comfort us, which then leads to why stress eating can lead to obesity. Since people do react to stress differently, do men and women response to stress differently? Do men and women pick different types of food to eat when stressed?
Stress according to Nowson (2007), can be defined as "the generalized, non-specific response of the body to any factor that overwhelms, or threatens to overwhelm, the body's compensatory abilities to maintain homeostasis" (p. 887). There are multiple types of stressors that can cause a stress response. There are chemical stressors, physical stressors, psychological stressors or emotional stressors, physiologic, and social stressors. Chemical stressors are any stressors that effects your chemical balance, which includes acid-base imbalance and reduced oxygen supply. Physical s...

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