Essay on Stress : Doomsday ( The One That Killed Superman ) Week Edition

Essay on Stress : Doomsday ( The One That Killed Superman ) Week Edition

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Kristen Garcia (ID # 96064954)
Professor Garfin
Psy Beh 137H—Human Stress
23 Monday 2016
Stress: Doomsday (The One that Killed Superman) Week Edition
Stress. This one word has the power to bring down even the most resilient and capable of people, it is so strong that it has the potential to affect not only a person’s mental well-being, but their physical and emotional well-being as well. Personally, I feel that I lead a relatively stress-free life on the daily, I mean yeah I get road rage every now and then and my roommates can be quite challenging sometimes, but for the most part, I’m not constantly worried or anxious about things. For this ten day stress journey, I chose to do it during week six of the quarter because this was a week where I had three midterm exams and a paper due. I set out completing the ten day stress log with the goal of thoroughly analyzing the true extent of my stress—its features and some possible causes—and seeing if I am handling it in the right way. The ten days I recorded were some of the most stressful I have had in a while, and after completing it I have realized that I am not actually that good at dealing with stress and I need to learn more efficient ways to cope with it.
Since I chose a week that had multiple midterms and a paper due, I found that most of my stressors were related to one another and they were all pretty similar as well. I experienced stressors for all ten days of my log and for a lot of those days, there were multiple stressors. Some were mild—ranging from sitting in traffic to getting into small disagreements with my roommates, while others were debilitatingly stressful—especially the ones that had to do with studying for my tests and writing my paper. For a majority of my...

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...Sapolsky also does a really good job of explaining even the tiniest of things in great detail, his incorporation of animals also makes for an interesting read. This assignment has also allowed me to see that I needed to seriously re-evaluate my coping style and my outlook on life. Pessimism and a feel of despondency can be attributed to feeling a sense of no control and having no control is something that can either make or break situation. Even having a false sense of control is better than having none because it allows a person to have a better grasp on their situation. Which is why I vow to take a more proactive approach to my stressors and prepare for them in advance as much as possible as opposed to the avoidant coping style of procrastination that I have grown so fond of.
Works Cited
Sapolsky, Robert M. Why Zebras Don 't Get Ulcers. New York: Times, 2004. Print.

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