Stress At Extreme Measures Can Cause Mental Illnesses Essay

Stress At Extreme Measures Can Cause Mental Illnesses Essay

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What is stress?What relieves stress for people?Stress relievers are things people do to to take away or temporarily dispense stress in their life.Without stress reliefs their problems slowly mentally challenge a person negatively. Stress at extreme measures can cause mental illnesses and even permanent mental disorders into people 's’ lives forever. I became to have problems with stress too.I almost let stress get the best of me too!
It was a day in mid november, Spirit Lake was playing the game before state. My girlfriend, Olivia, traveled all the way from Emmetsburg with a group of friends to watch the game.. We were playing Sioux Center. They were ranked fourth in the state and we were currently ranked second. It was a pretty evenly matched game throughout the high school contest.The game came down to a couple plays that they made and we didn’t.They made the winning play and we didn’t they ended up winning 7-0.After the game many of my teammates including me,were upset about not ending on top of the league with a state title. My girlfriend Olivia, left the game early with little reasons for why leaving and not talking to me it at all. I was very upset that she couldn’t talk to me. I wish she would have given me a shoulder to mourn on. I mean it was over for us seniors. That would be the last ever game we would play together. I was pissed she wasn’t here for me.This was the start of some of my stress, Olivia and I began growing farther and farther apart from each other.Olivia started hanging out with her friends from her school more often and leaving little time for me. She would party on the weekend with her guy friends that did not like me. They wanted Olivia to break up with me, so that they could maybe have a chance with...

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...lot had changed in my life. I had gained around 18 pounds of muscle mass. Improving my weight from 170 pounds to 188 by March’s end. Lifting had helped me get relieve or hobby for Olivia and football. I didn’t think about them anymore. I mean I found something to do that kept me making positive choices and helped me better myself past Olivia and her nonsense. I felt accomplished and better person looking for steps only going up.
My situation has me telling people from adults to kids to follow their dreams and never stop believing in yourself. . Everyone with the right priorities and motivations in life can achieve their goals in life whether it 's becoming a better person or making it big with the career you have always dreamed of. I will tell everyone if you 're willing to whatever it takes to follow your dreams in goals it will happen. Nothing is going to stop you.

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