Stress And Stress Associated With The Brain And Nervous System Essay

Stress And Stress Associated With The Brain And Nervous System Essay

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1) There are many definitions for stress. The medical definition for stress is emotional, physical or mental factors all contributing to either bodily or mental illness. Stress is also defined as your body’s way of responding to any given demand and could either be bad or good depending on the circumstances. On the bright side, stress levels depend largely on our very own behaviour and decision making and that we can adjust our bodies’ responses to stress based on how we live our daily lives and handle the given circumstances.

2) Physiological stress is known as an organism 's response to stress or any stressful situation. The physiological effects of stress are associated with the brain and nervous system. Stress is a body 's method of reacting to a challenge or demand. There are many common psychological effects of stress such as; sugars and fats are released into the blood stream to supply fuel, all of your senses - sight, hearing, smell, and taste - become more acute, ready to identify any threats, blood pressure rises, etc. it is clear that physiological effects are becoming increasingly common in today’s society.

3) Psychological stress is the emotional feelings and physiological reactions experienced when an individual is confronted in a situation in which the demands or expectations go beyond their coping resources and methods, basically when an individual feels as if they are not equipped to handle the given tasks and the pressure that comes with the task or situation. Many of us are aware of the common psychological effects of stress such as feeling of powerlessness, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, isolation, panic attacks and anger outbursts.

4) In high school there are many factors contributing to st...

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... dresses and designs that’ll make my fairy-tale a reality. I am also going to continue eating healthy and being active so that I can look nice in my dress.

4) My fourth stressor is getting my learners; although it may not be a big deal to some, but to me I really want to do well and get my learners first try. The reason it is stressing me out is because I am the youngest out of all my friends and while everyone is busy getting licenses, I don’t even have my leaners yet… I guess you could say the FOMO is kicking in again. I want my learners so that I can also feel what it feels like to be part of the driving club (with a responsible licenced driver in the car, of course.) How I am managing this stressor is by starting to study for my learners three months in advance, to minimize the possibility of failing and also so that I feel more confident when I go write it.

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