Stress And Its Effects On Society Essay

Stress And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Heart rate becoming quickened, feeling of anxiousness, and a sense of an individual’s body wanting to shut down originates from stress. Stress is the one word that can put a person on the edge of their seat and I am here to find out why. As a full time college student, an individual lives day by day with stress by their side every minute and every place. It can be considered in negative forms and positive forms and can only be undone by taking action. Stress has many situations that can engage a person to become interested and more educated about, which is what drew me to this topic.
Stress is something that every living person has experienced in some way or form. It lurks around every corner of an individual’s life and encourages them to become addicted. Stress comes with many health risks that range from minor health risks to major lifelong diseases. Krantz, Thorn, and Glaser state, minor stress begins with natural reactions that result in sweaty palms, and increased heart rate. These can be triggered while simply watching a scary movie, paying bills or simply managing childcare. The automatic response flexes and floods the body with hormones to increase heart rate, blood pressure, and energy to make the body equipped for the problem (Krantz, Thorn, & Glaser, 2013). This can cause minor health risks for the reason being that it can leave the body in a stressed state and this can greatly affect an individual’s health.
Miserable, life taking, destructive stress that causes many individuals to disrupt every system in their body is known as chronic stress. Chronic stress affects an individual’s everyday life and causes them major health risks for an elongated period of time. Major chronic health risks include a wide...

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...arming your body and could possibly end in killing the person. The one way that stood out to me when it comes to strategies for dealing with stress was to practice the 4 A’s. These were mentioned by Krantz, Thorn, and Glaser, and included, “Avoiding unnecessary stress, altering certain situations, adapting to the stressor, and accepting the things you can’t change,” no other person could have said this any better (Krantz, Thorn, & Glaser, 2013). I will try to the best of my ability to incorporate these coping mechanisms into my Behavior Change Plan. I struggle with stress day to day and I am really hoping for a positive change in my life and after reading about ways to fix stress I hope that I can hopefully find a solution to my stress. As mentioned in my Behavior Change Plan, I am ready to live a happier and healthier life and I am beyond ready for a change.

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