Essay on Stress and Gender Differences

Essay on Stress and Gender Differences

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Stress is a phenomenon that is experienced worldwide. It “has become a pervasive experience in the daily lives of Canadians” (McShane & Steen, 2009, p. 90) with three out of four Canadians claiming to feel stress either frequently or sometimes (McShane & Steen, 2009, p. 90). There are many coping strategies available to personnel but stress levels remain high. Although both genders encounter workplace stress, the method in which it is handled as well as the how the stress itself is perceived is vastly different. Due to differing socialization within North America, it is understandable that these contrasting strategies and stressors occur. Women, for example, experience stress primarily through “gender-role stereotypes, occupational sex discrimination, sexual harassment, social isolation, and work-home conflict” (Watson, Goh, & Sawang, 2011, p. 39). As professional women enter the workforce, employed in occupations previously held only by men, new stressors arise. Although many of the stressors females experience are not dissimilar to those of males employed in similar positions, the added pressures of professional women add to stress levels.
Sarah B. Watson, Yong Wah Goh, & Sukanlaya Sawang (2011) Study:
With the majority of research regarding stressors within a workplace being carried out on middle-class, Caucasian males, women are underrepresented in the workforce (Watson et al., 2011, p. 40). Sarah B. Watson, Yong Wah Goh, and Sukanlaya Sawang (2011) carried out a study hypothesizing whether coping strategies differed between males and females. In this study, males and females were asked to rate certain aspects of stress within the workplace, using a five-point scale. Not only did the participants r...

... middle of paper ... specific to their gender. Males, as a dominant group, will have a more difficult experience in understanding these additional stressors females may be led to dealing with.

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