The Strengths Of A Personality And Communication Style Essay

The Strengths Of A Personality And Communication Style Essay

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Jung Typology Test
Understanding the strengths of a personality and communication style is a critical aspect of leadership in almost any career. Likewise, the weaknesses of that same style can ensure both great success and absolute failure in any individual’s personal and professional life. As someone who has taken multiple personality and leadership tests over the years, I was intrigued by the opportunity to participate in the Humanmetrics Jung Typology test. Aware that I have adapted to properly handle the responsibilities of both my family and career over the last twenty years, the results presented only reinforced the neutrality I have embraced for the last five years of my current job as a Director of Operations over a large restaurant group. As a part of my systematic approach to leadership, I always ensure that yearly, as a team, my District Managers and I review not only their performance but also my performance as a leader and communicator. Reassurance in this belief of neutrality was granted as the result of an ISTJ, Introverted Sensing Thinking Judging, was presented by the Jung Typology test (Hum, 2015).
As a twelve percent Introverted over Extraverted personality, I am considered very neutral in matters of socialization. Though likely to be found in much smaller groups or on the fringes of a room than on stage, I am still comfortable in presentations within in a formal large gathering. An acquired trait gained over the last ten years, I was not always acceptable standing in the front of others. The younger version of myself often cringed and hid from even the mention of providing a speech or reciting works on stage. Further reviewing the results, I do agree in the expectation of an introvert having a small c...

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...nt field, Jung’s Typology test has presented a fairly accurate dictation of my personality at present. Long before the multiple personality tests I have completed, a restaurant industry offered both a living and opportunity to advance to levels that offered the financial rewards I desired. Having studied many famous ISTJs such as George Washington, Warren Buffet, Peter Thiel, Augustus Caesar, and General Dwight D. Eisenhower has led to a much greater appreciation for the ISTJ personality type I now claim as my own. In conclusion, I found as I read through the results on the second and third attempt, I amazingly found less and less to disagree with in the test. The information, though generic in some instances, left little question that my honest attempt to answer the questions had given honest answers that acted as a mirror into my present-day individual being.

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