Strengths, Limitations, and Challenges of Bussinesses Applying Ethics and Social Responsiblity

Strengths, Limitations, and Challenges of Bussinesses Applying Ethics and Social Responsiblity

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Social Responsibility is not new to the human race, it has been there for decades. Businesses were more concerned mainly with their economics results “Today, however, businesses must also reflect on the legal, ethical, moral and social consequences of their decisions” (Anderson, 1989, 15). Organizations worldwide consider the society’s interests by taking responsibilities for their activities on customers, employees, shareholders and the communities. This article will be concentrating on the strengths, limitations and challenges of businesses applying ethics and social responsibilities within their supplier networks. It will cover Nikes productions practices and its corporate social responsibility.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is there for organizations to comply with its practices. It’s responsibility is to improve the quality of people’s lives, by following the ethical business conduct, employment practices and health and safety only to name a few. Before, companies were more concerned with how much money they were making but now they need to follow these practices. Auditors monitor Organizations to make sure that they are following the CSR guidelines. However not every organization seem to be inhering to follow such practices and many are under pressure by media, activists, competitors and other organizations such as NGO’s.
Nike products are manufactured by more than 800 suppliers in about 51 countries. Including Asia, South America, Australia, Italy, Turkey, Canada and the US. But reports state that the problems were in the Asian factories. According to the article done by (Richard LOCKE, Thomas KOCHAN, Monica ROMIS and Fei OIN). Nike is the world’s largest athletics shoe company. Their main duty is to keep ...

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...5% of the workers were Vietnamese mostly young women. The legal working age at the factory was 16 years, but they were willing to accept to change it to 18 because they were well aware of the criticism against Nike and they did not want this problems to continue. This only confirms that the accusations against Nike did not have any impact on the relationships between them and their suppliers. According to (Lynn R. Kahle, David M. Boush, and Mark Phelps) Meetings are held every Month to discuss any issues or improvements needed and about 87% of the employees belong to the union. Meaning that employees have rights and make formal complaints against their employer. Nike exceeded the legal minimum wage of $35 a month to $45, even though the wages are low, the workers get other benefits, such as social security, free health care and one free subsidized meal per day.

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