Strengths and Weaknesses of Time Management Essay

Strengths and Weaknesses of Time Management Essay

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1. Introduction
In the workplace, time management is an important factor in everyone’s day-to-day work. If a person’s time is well managed, it is possible to achieve a greater amount in a shorter space of time. How effectively people manage their time has a major influence on aspects of their working lives and their personal lives. Effective time management can have a hugely positive effect on a person, it can lead to a focused and disciplined mentality, giving a higher level of productivity, greater efficiency and an all round positive attitude in life. This benefits the individual, their team, the company they work for and also their friends and family. An example of this is an employee who prioritises their jobs at the start of the day; this gives them a structured day and ensures they have time to complete all of the important jobs. However, if time is poorly managed it can lead to inefficiencies, work overload and added pressure, this could eventually lead on to other issues such as stress.

2. Strengths and weaknesses of time management
Looking at my own approach to time management I have noticed that I am well organised and good at prioritising tasks and jobs. When I log onto my computer to start my shift I am sent down numerous jobs, each job is different and has different deadlines for attendance and completion. I plan my day based around the date and time deadlines of the jobs and also the locations of the jobs. I then schedule the most effective order of completing the jobs, putting high priority jobs at the top of my list and grouping sites that are geographically close to each other. By effectively planning my day I keep a focused attitude towards my work and I have time to think about tasks and situations, rather tha...

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...about the issue. By doing this it is possible to speak to someone you know and trust about an issue that is effect you.

Time management is essential in the workplace and it can help eliminate many other problems that could arise if time is poorly managed. By using the various time and stress management techniques available it is possible to reduce or even eliminate stress. A person who manages their time well can benefit from an organised, manageable workload with enough time to complete the jobs and tasks that are of any importance. Time management can have a direct effect on a persons stress levels and it is important that stress levels are kept to a minimum to ensure optimum performance, efficiency and general well being.

Every individual needs to attend a time and stress management training course so they are educated in the subject.

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