The Strengths And Weaknesses Of The 's Decision Of Not Using Sound Music Sound And Sound Effects

The Strengths And Weaknesses Of The 's Decision Of Not Using Sound Music Sound And Sound Effects

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What do you consider to be the strengths and weaknesses in the use of sound in Modern Times?

In 1927 the world had first debuted the first ever-sound movie, The Jazz Singer, however, just over a decade later in 1937, the infamous Charlie Chaplin still continued to create silent film as we can see in Modern Times (1936). In this essay I will discuss the advantages and weaknesses of Chaplin’s decision of not using sound besides music and sound effects. In particular I will discuss how he used these decisions to his benefit. Modern times was a risk to be taken for Chaplin as Sound film had started just a decade before it was released, yet as “ the most famous man in the world” and with his success all thanks to the silent era, Chaplin thought that he would not ruin his aims and life as a silent actor than to give into the Sound era.

Modern Times (1936) shows Chaplin’s previous character, the Little Tramp struggling to live in a modern industrial society, yet later finds help from a young homeless woman, whom together they try to survive the world. One of the main reasons that Chaplin had not used sound in the film was because of the Little Tramp character. The little tramp had no speech before in any of the other films, so his character was definitely associated with the silent era, and to give the little tramp voice it would completely tarnish this. However, it is only in the end of the film where the little tramp is given a voice. Still its not much, its just part of some gibberish foreign song however this gave the tramp a voice after being associated with the silent era for so long. This was an advantage to Chaplin as his films were all famously known as silent films and it still brought a huge attention to people, combining...

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... modern audience’s cinematic needs. The lack of dialogue and being able to adjust to the sound era became a weakness for Chaplin. However, just because today it is known as a success for us, at the time the film had mixed reviews and was seen as less great than other of Chaplin’s films, ending Chaplin’s life in the silent movie. Modern Times became the last of his silent work and the finale to the little tramp.
Another weakness that had occurred for Chaplin and most likely all other silent stars was the fear of their own voice not being recorded well. Performers with ‘weak’ voices were seen as a huge disadvantage on screen

Chaplin’s own discovery with sound was of somewhat represented in this film. The little tramps struggle with the modern world was of some what a biographical message with Chaplin’s own struggle with the sound era.

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