Essay Strengths and Weaknesses of the Mongolian Empire

Essay Strengths and Weaknesses of the Mongolian Empire

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The Mongolian Empire was an empire which consisted of nomadic peoples. In addition, this empire would transform Afro-Eurasia into a place where alliances were formed. However, the Mongolians never had a stable empire but “…succeeded in bringing parts of the world together.” (text, 459) This empire would eventually stretch to all four corners of “…Afro- Eurasia’s main worlds.” (text, 462) This was also an empire that was made up of forest and prairie peoples. The Mongolian Empire was somewhat unstable but, skillful in military campaigns, and provided many roles for women; furthermore, the Mongols brought various regions of Afro- Eurasia together.
Unfortunately, the Mongolians were not as stable and durable as many other empires. Since the empire had no unified religion, it was a patchwork of Afro-Eurasian belief systems. An attempt was made to convert the Mongolian animistic nomads to Christianity when Kublai Khan and Halagu, mother of conquering emperors and many Europeans, prayed that the empire would convert, but conversion did not happen. Even though their non-unified ways exis...

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