Essay about The Strengths and Weaknesses of Skagit Valley College

Essay about The Strengths and Weaknesses of Skagit Valley College

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The strengths and weaknesses of Skagit Valley College differ from which campus you attend. The particular strengths and disadvantages can range from: students able to retake their Compass Test, high school students can attend free, Skagit prepares students for four year colleges; but my campus does not have many classes, its first come/first serve, and it’s a small school that doesn’t have many programs. My campus has criminal justice classes, but not a criminal justice program. The class points you in the right direction but doesn’t help you in real life situations. There could be possible solutions for these weaknesses.
Students or civilians take a Compass Test to see where they lie at. Basically the Compass test is used to display to students what classes are most suitable for them to take. If you aren’t so jolly about your results, you can retake the test as many times as want in-between certain periods of time. This helps people recognize what their weaknesses and strengths are. If you don’t do so great on the first attempt, you have the ability to study and gain knowledge, and retake the proportion you struggled or wanted to achieve a higher score on.
Another strength that Skagit Valley College has is they communicate with the high school. So if a student at the high school wants to attend or take classes at the college, they can go free with their school paying for their classes that they agree to cover. This gives students the opportunity to excel at a college level and witness what college is mostly like. At the same time attending or taking classes at the college, high school students receive both college and high school credits. This helps students to attain information at a college level, graduate high sch...

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...ass, you’re able to ask a direct question without having to wait. The campus I attend to should hire more teachers if they move the priorities around. This would probably happen, but I don’t really suggest it as a solution because I’m doing fine where I am at in criminal justice.
Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of Skagit Valley College, I still continue on with my life doing completely nothing about any of these areas. Skagit Valley College is excellent enough for me, mainly because I want to graduate high school earlier with some college experience. The weaknesses for the college and criminal justice classes are not a huge issue, and do not cause any problems.

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