Essay about Strengths And Weaknesses Of Organizational Behavior

Essay about Strengths And Weaknesses Of Organizational Behavior

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Personality traits can be manifested as strengths or weaknesses depending on the situation, and personality tests can help individuals maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses within the organizational structure. Organizational behavior is critical to organizational effectiveness, and these tests can also point individuals toward certain careers or organizations that are good fits. Pearson Education’s MyManagementLab (2016) contains a series of personality tests and the following discussion analyzes the results of these tests as they apply to my personality and my career. The writing contains illustrations of my personality traits in action. The text also highlights areas of improvement that will enable me to be a better employee, co-worker, or manager. The findings close with an analysis of God’s role in maximizing strengths and minimizing weaknesses in human personalities, and contain an example from my life in which the Holy Spirit transformed a specific weakness over time as I grew in my relationship with God.
Keywords: personality, personality tests, ISTJ, organizational behavior

Project 2
According to Fischer (2006), “You cannot fully understand organizational behavior until you understand how unique individuals made in God’s image interact with one another” (p. 3). The differing personalities individuals have can be analyzed to create more effective organizations. I discussed the results of my personality tests, as well as their impact on organizational behavior and the Holy Spirit’s ability to turn my weaknesses into strengths.
Step 1
Part I: What About Me?
Personality Insights. Pearson Education (2016) confirmed my ISTJ nature by highlighting desires for efficiency, reliability, and planning, ...

... middle of paper ...

...Spirit has shown me the sinfulness of my self doubt. Fischer (2006) refers to the freedom of knowing that God’s power is made perfect in my weakness. This freedom has allowed me to only value God’s opinion and has enabled me to come out of my shell. While I am still introverted, I easily participate in social situations. My natural inclination to listen has gained me a reputation of sincerity and my ability to remember details has brightened many lives through relevant encouragement.
Analyzing my ISTJ personality reveals traits that are manifested as strengths or weaknesses depending on the situation. This revelation makes organizational behavior critical, as the organization is a small scale representation of God’s kingdom. How individuals utilize their personalities in the workplace not only affects the organization, but also has eternal significance.

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