Strengths And Weaknesses Of My Future Career Development Essay

Strengths And Weaknesses Of My Future Career Development Essay

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According to the study of this course, I have learned many useful management skills and I feel like these skills will be applied to my future career development. When working on the self- assessment tests, I found myself fall into the category of the ISTJ personality types, which as illustrated by Myers Briggs, is the type of personality that is conscientious, considerate, and helpful. Personality traits such as honest, dutiful, practical and responsible are my strengths; personality traits such as stubborn, insensitive and poor communication skill are my weaknesses. Related to the knowledge I have learned in the course I believe both strengths and weakness will have influence to my future career development. In this reflection paper, I will demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses that may place the most influence on my way of success.
As we learned from chapter 12, a typical example of the ISTJ personality type is team player. From results of self-assessment tests, I found that I am a positive thinker, who has strong-willing toward achievements. My dutiful and responsible attitude toward job accomplishment motives me to work hard and contribute my royalty to the company that I work for. When working in a team, I am the type of members who is willing to run themselves into the ground with extra days and lost sleep in order to fulfill their duty and get the work done. As a strong and high sense of self, I believe I can be a good member of any team work.
However, some might argue that employees who are internal locus of control may create own stress and decrease the team performance because of their negative influence on other members. I believe I have the capacity to maintain work stress and stay positive. It is because I am...

... middle of paper ...

...l management. I believe this result from my culture background. As a foreign student who is studying in the US, I think I have better understanding of different cultures and being easier to adapt new culture values than others who has less connections with different cultures. This test result makes me realize that I should take my culture background as an advantage and persuade my future career in global management.
After the study of the course and the assessments, I have a deeper understanding of my strengths and weakness. Personality traits such as honest and integrity will help me to be a good team player, but poor communication skill may stop me being a good manager. I need to improve my weakness so that I won’t missed any opportunity. I believe the knowledge and management skills that I learned from this course will be benefit to my future career development.

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