Strengths And Weaknesses Of Counselling Skills Essay

Strengths And Weaknesses Of Counselling Skills Essay

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In this part of the assignment, I will be reviewing the strengths and weaknesses that were shown when I was using counselling skills on my client. I believe that there were more strengths when I was showing counselling skills compared to the weaknesses that there were.

The start of the conversation can be seen as a strength because the skilled helper introduced who they were and then they told the client about the confidentiality statement. This could be seen as a strength because the client would know what the boundaries are in the session and what the skilled helper has to do when they are aware that the client may be in danger of harming themselves. Making the client aware about the confidentiality statement can increase the chance of the client opening up more because the client would trust the skilled helper and know that no one else will know what happened in the session. Setting boundaries is a strength because some clients need to understand that there are some things which a skilled helper cannot do in a session, this could be seen as a positive thing because the client would know their limits and the session may go smoothly.

Another strength in this session was that there was good body language and good eye contact. Body language in a session is important because it allows the skilled helper to understand what the client is feeling by observing their body movements; this can help the communication in the session. This could help the skilled helper as they could note when the client is feeling discomfort which can lead to the session progressing because the skilled helper would ask them why they are feeling this way. It is important that the skilled helper had good eye contact in the session because it shows the client...

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... it was my turn to speak I was looking away. Being nervous also had a negative effect on my confidence; I believe that the session would have been better if I was not nervous and my confidence was increased. It is important that the skilled helper is not nervous because if the skilled helper is nervous then the client may feel more worse than they already do and the session would not help the client as the skilled helper is not helping them as much as they can.

In conclusion, I believe that there were many strengths and weaknesses in the session. The strengths of the session could have been improved which could have led to the session being better which could have led to the skilled helper getting more information from the client. The weaknesses of the session need to be reduced so that the session goes smoothly and so that the client gets the help that they need.

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