Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Successful Movement

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Strengths and weaknesses are important for leaders to understand in order to create a successful movement; however, nobody is born with strengths. Everyone has naturally occurring talents that are individual to themselves. Over time, applying a talent repeatedly will develop that trait into a strength, which can then be applied to any situation one may encounter. I found the StrengthsFinder assessment to be an excellent measure of my talents. As a student who was involved in leadership and academics at a high level in high school, I felt as though I knew myself well. After taking the assessment, the results lined up with my personal observations of my talents. While not all of my self-identified talents appeared in my top 5, I feel as though my top 5 is an accurate representation of my personality. I frequently applied these talents in my leadership positions, beginning the process of developing them into strengths. By putting a word and definition to my personality strengths, I now understand my personality better and can apply this knowledge in relationship building and leadership situations. Growing up I was very involved in athletics—I played competitive baseball for 15 years and competitive basketball for 5 years. As I began challenging myself academically, I also began competing in academic contests and tournaments. Due to the fact that I consistently thrive in competitive environments and have had years of exposure to contests, it came as no surprise to me that my top strength is competition. This result allows me to frame competition in a positive way, and I am able to better understand why I get easily frustrated with failure. Two of my identified strengths—focus and futuristic—are very similar in the way I use them.... ... middle of paper ... ...knowing individual strengths provides students with that knowledge. Joining groups and organizations that allow students to utilize their skills is not only fun, but will develop strengths and allow students to gain experience expressing their true personality. For example, I might join a club sports team to satisfy my drive for winning instead of joining a group that does not compete. Understanding personal strengths is an important part of leadership and success, allowing students to express themselves clearly and articulately. By knowing what different talents they possess, one can hone those talents into strengths through repeated use in practical situations. Utilizing these strengths gives leaders the skills to effectively guide a group of followers, and empowers people across all fields to successfully involve themselves in the areas they are passionate about.

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