Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Social Worker Essay

Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Social Worker Essay

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As an upcoming social worker I understand there are certain traits I portray that are strengths in the social work field. I also understand that were there are strengths, there are weaknesses. I did not realize what my strengths and weaknesses were until I began to practice in the field. Some strengths I have found in myself are good listening skills, ability to handle stressful situations, and time management skills. Along with those strengths I have found my weaknesses are speaking what I believe about a situation, procrastination, and taking on too much responsibility.
I have demonstrated good active listening skills as long as I can remember. I pay attention and listen in class as well as outside of class with peers or at my internship. I do not just hear things, I listen. I do my best to use appropriate body language when listening to someone, because I understand it plays an important role in active listening. I believe this is an extremely important skill a social worker must have in order to be successful in that field, or any other field for that matter.
It is also a good characteristic of any worker to be able to handle stressful situations, especially a social worker. I never knew this was a quality I had until I interned at the Roanoke Rescue Mission, and had to handle plenty of stressful situations. For instance, when Alexis and I were alone at the front desk and a woman came in waving papers in our faces and was highly upset, I was able to address the issue calmly which got her to calm down as well. I think a social worker needs to be able to handle most stressful situations, seeing as to how they will encounter many different situations that will more than likely be stressful.
I also show good time m...

... middle of paper ... not been able to complete a task, but I know if I were not so busy I could have produced better work, not only in school but also in my jobs. I enjoy being able to do many things at once, but I need to figure out when I need to stop adding things to my schedule and take a breather. I am currently doing a max that I believe I can handle, but if I add anything else onto this schedule that I have this year then it will be too much for me.
In conclusion I know there are more than just three choices for both strengths and weaknesses. As I go along with this internship, I am realizing more strengths to be proud of and more weaknesses to be aware of and work on. Looking at what I need to work on, I can now goal orient myself around these issues and learn how to fix them. Then looking at my strengths I am happy at how far I have made it in the social work program.

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