Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Leadership Essay

Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Leadership Essay

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and having the ability to express it clearly to my co-workers and superiors may ignite the same passion within them. It may allow them to feel empowered as it could create a shared vision, which everyone would feel proud to be apart of.
Strengths and Areas of Improvement in Leadership
The ability to identity my own strengths and areas that need improvement is an important part of being an effective leader. One leadership strength I possess is the ability to form strong relationships with the individuals. I accomplish this by caring about the people I work with and taking the time to get to know them. This strength is also a key factor in authentic leadership as “authentic leaders develop heart and compassion by getting to know the life stories of those with whom they work and by engaging coworkers in shared meaning” (Shirey, 2006, p.261).
Although I stay consistent to my beliefs and values, the other aspect of self-discipline I need to improve on is the ability to control my emotions. An area of Goleman’s EI includes self management (Goleman, 2000). Although I try to best to accomplish self-control, my emotions and feelings about specific things such as if I am in a disagreement with another person are easy to read. In order to be an effective authentic leader, I need not think disagreements are personal attacks but look at the situation more subjectively. Another area I believe I need to improve on is the process of empowering the individuals around me. According to the study by Wong and Lashiniger (2012), they determined that “authentic leadership was significantly related to job satisfaction and performance through its effect on empowerment” (p.954). Therefore, in order to be an effective authentic leader, having the abilit...

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... of patients and staff. One scenario that demonstrated ineffective leadership happened between two step down nurses and the nurse manager. The two step down nurses received a call that one of the patients was to be treated as an MRSA precaution patient. This patient was in the middle of the room, with two beds on either side. One of the nurses went to the nurse manager to ask to have the bed cleaned at the end of the room, so the patient would not be as close to the other patients. The nurse manager rejected their request and stated they could not afford another cleaning on the unit and told the nurse not move the patient. The two nurses thought this put the other patients at risk and called the cleaners and moved the patient, without speaking to the manager. The leader was being ineffective, as the nurses believed that their shared purpose and values were different

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