Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Leader 's Vision

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Overview: Today’s resiliency leader requires unique skill sets to be successful in any organization. Leaders who capture leading by example, vision and helping others weather the storm have taken the first step to success. Followers seek the following key concepts to validate their need for the organizational structure. Visionary leaders look at the big picture of the organization, and they pave the way of future endeavors. Another concept that is equally important to a leader’s vision is leading by example. When the leader introduces the vision into an organization, they need to lead the way by setting the example of what they vision should look like. They must hold themselves and their subordinates accountable for the stage set. Lastly leaders must help their followers weather the storm by incorporating different styles of resiliency for a successful organization and subordinate. Group Consensus: Each organization needs these three concepts fundamentally to improve development. Leaders should seize the notion of vision and recognize its need in team development. Team members, who understand that they have an important part in developing vision, have the ability to “own their vision” and sustain the momentum to achieve it. With that in mind, leaders who hone this concept could develop a long-term perspective that gives the leader the ability to approach trials with confidence. As a group, we recognize that everyone goes through the storm of life, and it is necessary to growing in resiliency. Therefore, a leader 's job is to assist his or her subordinates during those storms, especially in the time of crisis, people need their leader more than anything. A leader’s actions can help an organization recover from a crisis... ... middle of paper ... ... must understand that success is dependent on utilizing all or some of the strategies for success. Crisis can occur at any moment, and the leader must objectively look at the crisis and develop strategies that meet the needs of the employees and the organization. Leaders should create trust and maintain this environment by adhering to the vision and leading by example. Additionally should serve as the “heat shield” for the subordinates who are working the crisis. (Dees, p 194) A shield is designed to deflect or reflect or project; therefore, the leader’s ability to understand their purpose is equally important in assisting the employee in the crisis. The word of God is the most efficient strategy for storm weathering. Leaders who recognized their need for someone greater than their limited abilities would succeed at waiting/walking through the storms of life.

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