Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Career Long Endeavor Essay

Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Career Long Endeavor Essay

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Managers are called upon to understand and lead an ever-diversifying workforce. However, a manager’s job does not end there; these individuals also need to develop an understanding of themselves in order to manage effectively. Identifying strengths and weaknesses and areas in need of personal development is a career long endeavor. While we are all unique and will develop our own personal leadership style, there are several core efficiencies we must have in order to be excellent managers.
Managers must have the humility to realize no one is perfect (Baldoni, Use Humility to Improve Performance, 2009) and the ability to honestly assess their strengths and weaknesses so that they can continue to develop as a professional (Baldoni, 2009). This self-awareness is fundamental to being an effective leader. Managers should strive to better their performance, for not only themselves but also their employees; without a clear picture of areas that need work, how could one establish where that work should begin? By stressing the importance of and demonstrating a desire to continuously better managerial performance, managers are setting the example for their employees (Prahalad, 2010). This type of behavior shows employees that you genuinely care about your performance and how it impacts them, in addition to modeling the behavior the employee themselves should adopt. If employees see that a manager accepts there are personal areas that need improvement and takes steps to improve, they may be more enthusiastic to do so themselves. Self-awareness and continuous improvement are traits that all workers, managers and employees alike, should have.
Effective managers must also demonstrate a genuine concern for the well-being and professional deve...

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... called upon to cultivate many traits in order to be successful. The humility to realize there is always room for improvement and the self-awareness to identify those areas in need of it allows a manager to continuously improve their performance. Developing a managerial style of support and concern shows employees that they are valued as individuals and can help the team be more successful. This concern extends to the workplace itself, where managers need to ensure all employees are treated fairly. Creating an environment that fosters teamwork and stresses the importance of the collective effort is another key managerial trait. Ultimately, managers need to live the principles they preach to their employees. It is always best to lead and motivate by example. By modeling the desired behaviors for all to see, managers can help motivate their employees to do the same.

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