The Strength Of Pure For Marriage Essay

The Strength Of Pure For Marriage Essay

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An Uncommon Form of Strength Called Purity

This world portrays strength as a source or ingredient found in a superhero or a person in combat. However, there is a kind of strength much challenging for the average person in this generation to carry, because many would rather be living for the now and instant satisfaction. A strength only found in those willing to live set apart and submit their lives for what God desires of them; the very best. This is the strength of remaining pure in relationships. Not only does purity take self-control and patience, it has to hold confidence to ignore the mockery of the world.
I know I am taking a risk by writing this paper, but staying pure for marriage is a risk for being teased, laughed at, and stereotyped in general. Years ago, to marry a virgin was a treat or prize. For those that fooled around outside of marriage were looked down upon. Our nation has completely flipped. Teenagers want someone experienced. Play boy, bar hook ups, summer love, spring break stories, and being the generation to praise the movie 50 shades of grey is the same generation to belittle the women, and especially men called to remain pure for their spouse. Through their perverted and twisted glasses, purity is bland and boring. It’s all religion and maybe even business like, no true love. Purity may even seem linked to arranged marriage because, “how can you know if you love someone if you haven’t kissed or slept with them yet?” The women and men who remain pure must be seen in polos, perfect kept hair, and pants that cover their knees. They can never look sexy, that’s a sin. Those are the lies and rumors pure individuals face and why many change their decision and lose their virginity.
Purity is the sexiest and ...

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... lonely years.
Purity assists in setting a strong foundation for marriage. Imagine a couple that had the strength to avoid peer pressure and temptation in previous relationships, coming together to start a life with no regrets and no one to compare each other to. Intimacy will always be sweet because even if it isn’t, you will have no idea what it’s like to be with anyone else. Most importantly, you won’t have to hide romantic stories about your ex with your spouse and children. No child wants to picture their mommy or daddy with another person. Starting a relationship with purity is the ability to laugh, smile, breathe, and dance without thoughts or chains wrapped around your exhausted heart. You are new and unbroken. The vigorous effort to remain faithful to a lifestyle of purity is a life without a damaged heart or twisted perspective towards the opposite gender.

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