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John Steinbeck wrote one of the great books titled The Grapes of Wrath and changed part of American history. In the novel, he creates a complex array of ideas, characters, and plot. One of the complex ideas Steinbeck creates comprises of the theme of unity between characters. This unity tests the members of the story to bring out their potential and show there exists strength and survival within the organization. Steinbeck demonstrates the theme of unity by the individual parts -- leaders, laws, and places of organization -- in the microcosm chapter seventeen while reflecting the theme into the Joad family chapters.
In chapter seventeen an assembly of migrants establishes and forges its leaders, beginning the theme of unity, later reflecting it into the Joad chapters. Leaders encourage order, and this shows one main reason they hold importance. The order that leaders stand for create not only discipline but organization. Discipline and organization keeps the unity together. Steinbeck must think leaders are important because in the intercalary chapter he describes that with leaders, "[t]here grew up government in the worlds" (266; ch 17). This supports the idea that leaders keep order because government exists to be a set of laws that hold control. Reflecting this in the Joad chapters, Steinbeck creates a leader of the Joad family. The leader has an important role in making sure the family keeps order with their moral laws. The one who holds the family together and encourages the family's morals is Ma. It is very important to her that the family sticks together. Every thing she does becomes "for the family" (ch 13). If she always does things for the family, there exists no doubt she makes sure the moral codes of the family stay ...

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...13). The growth of units together at their place of home is a growth of their strength. Because of this, the idea of being together in a home has importance in an unity. A home or community has strength because it provides a duty, social interaction and commonality.
Overall, it is very important for an unity to have a leader, laws and a home to be strong. There exists importance for an unity to organize in all of these areas because the community would collapse without the strength. Steinbeck seems to demonstrate a strength in the members of the family as well. An unity is important because the members can work together to survive and grow strong. Steinbeck seems to say the most significant thing of an unity is for everyone to be together. Everything else will just fall into place.

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