Strength Development And Emotional Intelligence Essay

Strength Development And Emotional Intelligence Essay

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Strength development and emotional intelligence are an important part of the professional persona. The knowledge and development of my own personal strengths will have a profound impact on my professional growth. According to Rath (2007), if I focus on my strengths, it will impact my confidence and as a result I will be happier and more productive (p. 12). Following this advice means I have to identify and develop my strengths and market them. Every nursing unit is composed of individuals with many different strengths. Knowing my peers’ strengths allows me to utilize them to overcome my own weaknesses.
Emotional intelligence, or EQ, is the awareness and understanding of our emotions and the emotions of those around us, and the ability to react to them in a meaningful way to help accomplish goals. In an article by O’Neill (2013), emotional intelligence was listed as the most important contributor to career success above IQ and technical job skills (p. 180). Nurses and other health care providers are required to interact with their patients and peers to create quality patient outcomes. The pressure to improve quality of care accompanied by the demand to decrease cost of care requires creativity and unique leadership techniques. While skills education is important, my ability to make sound decisions and perform will make me the most successful. This paper will explore my areas of strength and my competency in emotional intelligence and relate the findings to my new career as a nurse practitioner.
The Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment is a computer-based test that was designed to list an individual’s strengths based on answers they provide to a series of questions. There are 34 possible strength categori...

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...sometimes the problems I perceive, may not exist to those around me. Travis and Greaves suggest asking for feedback from coworkers about how they view me professionally (2009, p. 92). Peer feedback, in addition to keeping an emotional record, and knowing what types of things trigger my strongest emotions will improve my self-awareness.
Another area I would really like to improve upon is my relationship management. I am an introvert by nature. I don’t think this is a bad thing in general, but I think it has been at times. Networking requires actively introducing yourself to “strangers” and having the ability to carry on a professional conversation. I have trouble with this because it is unnatural. By using my self-awareness of the awkwardness related to the initial introduction, I can then move through the feelings and focus on my communication techniques.

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