Essay about The Streets Of London

Essay about The Streets Of London

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The streets of London consist of various personalities and characters. Whether it is a mass of bustling high-end shops on Oxford Street, eclectic collection of music, art and food in Camden or simply hidden pathways consisting of independent coffee shops, book stores and boutiques in Soho, London is composed of multiple characters. Midnight In London was created to reflect these dynamic personalities, while demonstrating it doesn’t take much just a simple walk or turn of the corner to experience these atmospheres. However, midnight was selected for this project because time contains a powerful hold on not only how the environment changes, but also the ways in which a person experiences them. Midnight is a time I find quite enticing. It is constructed of different worlds bringing forth new sides of people. In some areas of the city, midnight swallows up the day, stripping color leaving nothing but a black blanket and the warm glow of the lamppost. One cannot help but be immersed by quietness, solitude and peace. Yet turn the corner and a new world is entered, where midnight seems to thrive. Bright lights illuminating the sky with music pulsating through the streets, midnight brings the city to life. This production of customized atmospheres at a given interval of time in a particular space captured my fascination. There are so many reasons to love London, but for me, this diversity in spatial personality will be the most memorable when I leave. Midnight In London is a narration encapsulating the poetic relationship between a time and space through capturing the atmospheric sensations witnessed on a walk through London at midnight.
When it came to creating a photographic series, I wanted to illustrate how people experience the atmo...

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...e. I then proceeded to alternate tranquil atmospheres and bustling to highlight the contrast in space at midnight. The juxtaposition among the photographs certifies the different atmospheres of spaces. The quietness and softness of Marylebone High Street Square is amplified more with the activeness of a Soho beside. By alternating between the contrasts of the photos, more stress is placed on the individual atmospheric sensations being transcribed in each photograph. And in the process, establishing the illusion one does not need to venture far to experience these varying personalities. These dynamic atmospheres of midnight in London can be experienced simply by turning the corner, or in shifting to the next photograph. The photographs, despite representing and embodying different characteristics build upon one another to tell the spaces of London’s story at midnight.

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