Essay about The Streets Before Susumu Ishida Lay Desolate

Essay about The Streets Before Susumu Ishida Lay Desolate

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The streets before Susumu Ishida lay desolate. Tokyo was a mere ghost of a once great city. All but ruins were now left. Even the pavement lay like broken jigsaw pieces, under used and under nourished. It wasn’t a surprise really. In Susumu’s forty odd years he had only seen the rare work commuter trudging through the streets either first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

The only area of the city that wasn’t subject to this type of rot and decay was Akihabara, Electric city. Most of the youths spent their lives hooked into the latest inventions of cyber reality or strapped into seats, binoculars in hand resembling those of another era watching in awe as performers or dancer pour their hearts out on stage. These days, they were simply marvelling at metal crushing metal like that of a junk yard disposal unit, humanoid objects delivered blow after blow, spilling black, tar-like blood over those in the front row of the crowd. People paid extra if this was garneted. Susumu had heard people pay hundreds of millions of yen, if the show were rumoured to be worth it.

Tonight he had dragged himself to the show, though he wasn’t the type to enjoy such an affair he simply grew curious and lonely. It had been over a month since any of the others in his building had stirred from their dwelling. Most people didn’t nowadays. They could work from home with a few simple clicks from their computers, could buy food, converse with relatives, watch sunsets on foreign lands, all without leaving the comforts of their home. This was one of the only places he could find any form of human contact. Though the term human was used loosely, could one be considered human with a lack of humanity? Complex question demanded complex answers, yet he ...

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...ed to be a word, which stood out to Susumu. They cheer for the death of a boy as they would for that of the breaking of an oversized electronic toy as if the two were somehow equal. Maybe they were, who was he to say? All he knew was that the young lad sitting outside the stadium, with a novel tucked under his arm and an intent gaze was now nothing but a lifeless beaten pulp, nothing more or less than an automaton.

Susumu opened the novel the broken boy had given him moment before and found several words seeming to stand out amongst all the others.

‘Only the dead stay seventeen forever.’

Susumu Ishida didn’t wish to think about such lines or even hold the novel of a dead boy. He didn’t wish to even remember his existence, maybe he did- maybe he didn’t. He threw the novel to the curb and stepped out into the street
The streets before Susumu Ishida lay desolate

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