Essay The Street I Grew Up On

Essay The Street I Grew Up On

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The street I grew up in is called Maru-a-Pula way, although my parents resided in a different area almost thirty kilometers away. Maru-a-Pula is known for its quiet, posh nature, but also for its crime lords; most do not know much about the school though.
I remember the first day I moved there to become a boarder. It was a bright, sunny, cloudless day with the birds searching the sky. Regardless of the pathetic fallacy, I was terrified; I did not plan to move out of my parents’ house at the tender age of fifteen. I had also never planned to be a boarder until I was in a university in a different country. I tried to convince my parents to take me back, but my mother just said, “This is for your best. Besides you are on scholarship, so it will not be a financial burden on us.” For them, boarding school was the best time of their lives; the freedom and responsibilities one has over their life is remarkable and too mighty, I thought, for a young girl.
Finally accepting my fate, I picked up my bags from our blue corolla boot to the girls boarding house. Looking from the outside, the h...

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