Street Art Vs. Art Essay

Street Art Vs. Art Essay

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We are constantly seeing in the news how people have painted entire city walls; often times though, the news fails to mention the one beautiful piece out of the hundred other tags. The news is making these masterpieces look ugly and juvenile, even though street art can be just as stunning as art you would find in a museum. ‘Street art’/Graffiti is a form of art because of the precision painters are using, because of the fact they play off our emotions just as any other artist would, and because they can make something that is old and dying into something new and vibrant. Most artists tend to know what they are doing when they are painting and are able to envision how many people’s thoughts and choices will be changed when they see that particular piece when they pass by.
Graffiti is an art form because painters are putting a lot of time into their works which can have an inspirational value to others that see it. For example, while travelling in California there was a painting of a fallen soldier on the side of a warehouse, although it may not seem like a lot to some (generally those who seem to be against graffiti,) it can mean a lot to the others who think about what they are looking at and have a background with the art. The soldier on the side of the warehouse related to me because my brother was a Marine before he got discharged from a medical problem he got while stationed at a base out of state. That soldier showed me that a lot worse could have happened than a back injury to my brother and that I should be thankful that he’s still alive unlike so many others who are fighting for our country. If people are able to connect with the art being painted they will most likely be more accepting of it rather than calling ...

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...ed to get my ideas out before I forgot them all. I personally thought that the peer review was somewhat difficult. Everyone tends to tell you the points they like rather than what needs changing (myself included,) hopefully in the future people will be more direct than working around the important factors of what needs to happen. I definitely know that I did not spend enough time on the revision steps, I started early then left the rest to do later. From this essay I learned that I should always throw out my ideas at first and revise them to be better later because you can always take away your old thoughts but you can’t always add them in later if you forget. From this essay I take away the fact that if you go back to edit something numerous times you will always get new ideas, rather it be 15 minutes or two days you will always have something new to add in later.

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