Essay on The Strategy Of The Ford Motor Company

Essay on The Strategy Of The Ford Motor Company

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line, built a company upon those unique foundations that pushed through one of America’s hardest financial times. As of 2014 Ford Motor Company ran into another dip in profit due to the competitive market. However, the company is investing into its future by looking into multiple aspects that have high potential in paying off. As of the end of 2015, the company’s total Revenue equated to $149.5 Billion compared to $135 Billion in 2014. The company’s insight on using start up companies and awareness of sustainability could push Ford Motor Company into a much brighter future.
Henry Ford is the founder of Ford Motors, an automobile company with over $149 billion in profits and currently one of the top competitors in the automotive industry with over 14% market share ownership. The company started in 1903 with Henry Ford and partner Alexander Malcomson, Detroit’s largest coal dealer, incorporate the Ford Motor Company with $28,000 in cash and $21,000 in promised funds from 10 other investors, primarily friends, relatives, or business contacts of Malcomson. Between 1903 and the 1908 advent of the Model T, Ford’s company manufactures nine different cars: Models A, B, AC, C, F, K, N, R, and S. The most successful, the Model N, is described in advertisements as high-grade, practical, and luxurious. Its skyrocketing sales foreshadow the success of the Model T. In 1908, Ford introduces the Model T, or "Tin Lizzie," as it came to be known. Within months, demand is so high that the company puts new orders on a hiatus. In 1913, Ford 's Highland Park factory begins operations of the first assembly line in the world employing a total of 13,000 men. Ford sponsored the new wave of the moving assembly line technique for mass production and a in o...

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...ce. He is a neuroscientist who fully understood the neural code or pathway the eye uses to transmit visual information to the brain. This has led to a powerful machine vision platform for navigation, Facial recognition, object recognition and other functions, with near to endless possibility. For example, it is already being applied by Dr. Nirenberg to develop a device for restoring sight to patients with degenerative diseases of the retina. The hope for Ford’s partnership with Nirenberg Neuroscience is to help bring a more humanlike intelligence to machine understanding modules of its autonomous driver system.
Civil Maps: Ford is looking into developing high-resolution 3D mapping capabilities and has looked to Berkley, California to help. Civil Maps is an innovative 3D mapping technique that is more efficient in scaling and more efficient than existing processes.

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