Strategy Implementation And Control Of Ford Motor Company Essay

Strategy Implementation And Control Of Ford Motor Company Essay

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Strategy Implementation and Control
Strategy implementation involves establishing programs and tactics to create a series of new organizational activities, budgets to allocate funds to the new activities, and procedures to handle the day-to-day details (Wheelen, Hunger, Hoffman, & Bamford, 2015). Essentially, after a company determines the direction of their program, it is the how that particular direction will be accomplished. It also answers the question of what resources must be moved or sold to meet the allocated budget. For example, Ford Motor Company set up a program with the sole purpose of discovering alternatives to the foam that was being used in the manufacturing of car seats (Ford Motor Company, n.d.). While this program has a great deal of potential, there are different aspects that would have to be measured and verified before it can be considered a successful course of action by the company.
First, Ford Motor Company would have to estimate the overall effectiveness of the program. This would help determine how the program will affect the overall well-being of the company. According to Ford’s website, researchers have been working since 2002 to research and develop soy-based polyurethane foams which, if successfully created, would then replace the petroleum-based foams currently being used to manufacture car seats. Additionally, Ford Motor Company benefits by using the soy foam in its products. For example, the use of soy foam reduces carbon dioxide, or CO2 emissions, decreases dependency on oil and increases the utilization of renewable agricultural commodities. Therefore, the soy foam offers the potential for cost savings as well as protection from any future petroleum product price increases (Ford Motor Company, ...

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...The program is entitled Ford Volunteer Corps, and it gives employees who participate in the program 16 hours of paid time off to volunteer each year. Currently there are 27,000 employees and retirees volunteering in 41 countries. Ford Motor Company invites the nonprofit organizations to tell it what volunteers they need, and inputs all the volunteer work that is available into a system. Then the employees can access this system, and volunteer for work that they want to do (Crain 's Detroit Business, 2014). It is a huge investment by Ford Motor Company in its employees and management staff that has paid dividends.
Henry Ford created Ford Motor Company with vision to make the automobile available to every American. Throughout Ford 's evolution, the company faced global and environmental issues, despite increasing competition within the automotive industry.

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