Essay on Strategy : An Essential Piece Making Business

Essay on Strategy : An Essential Piece Making Business

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Strategy is an essential piece making business. There are many approaches that may help business develop their strategies. And with the help of employees unique skills, capabilities and knowledge, business have their culture. This paper will discuss certain approaches of strategy. It will also point out the differences, the challenges, and the benefit of each approach.
Skills and Capabilities in Business Strategy
People are the heartbeat of sustainable competitive advantage. Sustainability of the competitive advantage of an organization is embedded in the people work in it. This is true at two different dimensions. The first dimension is the single employee; employees are bringing into organization their unique set of knowledge, skills, and capabilities. In doing so, they definitely contribute to the sustainability of the advantage of an organization. The other level is the level of the workforce as a group. Here, the culture represents these connective social tissue that enable people to interact to merge and to relate to each other, to imitate from any other competitors. So, while a single employee can leave the company and join the competition, this is not a threat. Because that single resource will never be able to replicate the culture that allows the organization to create and maintain its competitive advantage.
So, if it is true that people are the source of a sustainable competitive advantage within an organization, how do people contribute to the sustain success? In order to anser the question business must divide the work of people within the organization at two different t levels. The first level the daily work or routine work. The second category is exceptional work, which is the work that really changes things w...

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...d using the rational model and implementation with attitude of deliberate strategic motives can result in lack of flexibility (Leitner, 2014). It hinders the business from being affected to the changes in business environment, hence losing some of the productive market opportunities. Additionally, stifling initiative, when business is trying to implement the strategies based on different reality and set of expectations, the ability to initiate more creative and innovative approaches will be hindered (Leitner, 2014).
However, all these models are based on suppositions. Yet, assumptions gives the managers the advantage of questioning the validity of a chosen approach. Assumptions and the forecast derived using those models are also questioned. Also, there are alternative models to apply, which leads to arguments between managers to choose which fits the best!

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