Strategies of Employee Appraisal Essay

Strategies of Employee Appraisal Essay

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Performance appraisal is a method, which is evaluated by employer or manager to understand the quality of employee’s work. It helps organization to classify employees according to their performances, so the employer can understand the deficient areas that employees need to be trained. By the feedback of appraisal, employer can determine which employee will be promoted, retained, detained, or fired.
Performance appraisal is one of the most important key for the human resources department. It helps organization to determine career objectives, and making strategies to reach the objective and use all the potential. These strategies are based on career counseling, succession planning, training needs, and individual abilities. Also, by the feedback, employees became more encouraged to increase their performances, and supervisors have more pressure to be successful because of ratings. Employees can follow increase or decrease in their performances, and realize their strengths and weakness with the historical feedback.
Appraisal shows results which is useful for the administrative area. Those results are useful in complete range of personnel decisions. Decisions on some categories like salary, promotion, retention/termination, recognition of performance, layoffs, and identification of poor performers can be made by the results.
Performance appraisals helps organizations to clarify individual and organizational expectations and goals. Each employee is evaluated individually, so appraisal provide an opportunity to understand each employee is working according to the expectations or not, so the most compatible employees can be more valued and used for set objectives for the following periods.
It also provide a good documentation and ...

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...verall job satisfaction. Observations and customer satisfaction forms can help manager to decide the best choice for employee. Basically, I wanted to learn are customers happy with our service by 5 scale form. Those are:
- Hairdresser has enough talent to exceed expectations.
- Hairdresser has enough talent to meet expectations.
- Hairdresser sometimes can meet expectations.
- Hairdresser usually cannot meet the expectations.
- Hairdresser is not skilled enough to meet expectations.
After that two forms, I just added one more question to estimate performances in long term, which is:
Is overall points of employee better than last terms or not?
This performance appraisal is evaluated with weighted sum method. The weights can be determined and changed by the manager. It is suitable for modifications, and can give simple and accurate results quickly.

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