Essay Strategies For The Game Of Chess

Essay Strategies For The Game Of Chess

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Before I read the articles, I related the term “strategy” to the game of chess. In the game of chess, strategy is extremely important because it can either make you or break you. In terms, one wrong move can be the end of the game. Both players need to carefully think of which “moves” they want to make and think of the possible outcomes. My definition of strategy is taking a course of plan and evaluating every possible outcome (negative or positive).
After reading the articles, my perception of strategy changed tremendously because I did not know it was so complex than I first perceived it. So much strategic thinking and planning goes into strategy in order to get the best optimal results. Porter defines strategy as, “Making trade-offs in competing. The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do (Porter, 1996).” He further articulates, “Strategic positions can be based on customers’ needs, customers’ accessibility, or the variety of a company’s products or services (Porter, 1996)” The essence from what I gather from his quotes is that strategy is the fundamentals to any concept to gain results.
In Porter’s article “What is Strategy?” he uses the example of Southwest Airlines strategy involving a whole system of actives, not just a collect of parts (Porter, 1996). He explains how Southwest offers short flights, low-cost, avoids large airports and does not fly long distances. Southwest strategy is to target business travelers, families, and students with low fares, which attract sensitive customers (Porter, 1996).
From my volunteer experience at Virginia Garcia Wellness Center, it uses community engagement approach to reach and serve migrant and seasonal farmworkers. I am not too sure what strategy approaches Virginia Garc...

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...m Porter’s article, “Redefining Competition in Health Care,” he articulates that the “U.S. Health Care System has been poorly in both costs and quality over many years” (Porter, 2008).
This topic is highly debatable within different parties. Many are for it, while others are against it. Profit margins for many insurance companies are a major reason whether Obama care will succeed or fail. Insurance companies want to make profits, but it is difficult to do so with Obama care.
I am not an expert on this topic and this topic is extremely complex. My perception towards this issue is that in order for Obama care to succeed, it needs to be on a single payer system with government involvement. For example, Canada has success in their healthcare because it is based on a single payer system. If the U.S. bases its healthcare like Canada, similar results can be produced.

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