Strategies for Staging a Low Carbon Pan-American Games Essay

Strategies for Staging a Low Carbon Pan-American Games Essay

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In its 234 pages the bid document just overtly mentions climate change and environmental issues. The bid document commits:

“To make Toronto an even greener city, the city has set aggressive targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the Toronto area - from 1990 levels the goal is to achieve a 6% reduction in emissions by 2012 and an 80% reduction by 2050. The City of Toronto has already reduced greenhouse gas emissions in its own operations by 30% since 1990. All of these initiatives fall within the city’s “Climate Change, Clean Air and Sustainable Energy Action Plan” adopted by Toronto City Council in July 2007. The 2015 Pan American Games will be planned and executed within the standards of this plan.”

This is the only part in the bid document that mentions the serious issue of climate change and methods to mitigate the emissions of greenhouse gases during the event. However, the bid document completely ignores the importance of environment and sustainability as one of the major drivers for the success of the games. The year 2015 is particularly important as it will be ...

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